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The socket differences for GU10 MR16 E27 B22 E14 LED lamps

Generally speaking, LED is the updated lamp than CFL/ incandescent, In order to make the end user could easily and directly replace the traditional lamp, So LED bulb are also available for those different socket.

Usually, there are 5 kinds of lamp base: GU10, MR16, E27, B22, E14:

GU10: (“G” is represent “PIN” socket style, 10 means the two pin distance is 10mm), GU10 is high voltage with two round pins.

MR16: (People also called GU5.3 and “G” is represent “PIN” socket style, 5.3 means the two pin distance is 5.3mm), MR16 means 16X1/8=2inches≈50mm and with two slim pin shape. MR16 is low voltage lamp.

E27: (“E” is represent “thread” socket style, 27means the diameter is 27mm), there is E40 lamp base available if customers need it.

E14: (“E” is represent “thread” socket style, 14 means the diameter is 14mm).

B22: (“B” is represent “bayonet” socket style, 22 means the diameter is 22mm).

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