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How to choose the right color temperature for led light?

Most people may asking:” What color temperature I should choose for my room, hotel, warehouse, shop, office? Should I have a certain color temperature?

Color temperature in a room or space can have a dramatic affect on the people that use that lighting to perform tasks. For example, rooms that are used for tasks such as reading can benefit by incorporating lighting on the cooler end of the scale. Different places need different color temperature LED lighting, usually the LED lights consider to three colors, we call it warm white, nature white and cool white. LED lights for public applications to promote relaxation, people usually consider to choose the warm white which consider to 2800-3500K( K= Kelvin, Standard Unit for color temperature. And the cool white or nature white are usually consider to used to enhance concentration in office, workshop and repair Centre.

Home LED lighting
Mostly home do not use cool color LED lights. Usually choosing warm color LED lights to built a warmer environment for home, color temperature consider to 2800-3500K in bed room, reading room use 4500-5500K, 

LED Building Lighting :
Decorative LED lighting out of building use warm white or color LED flood light, red, green, yellow, office and other places usually use cold white color LED lighting consider to 5500-6500K

Hotel LED lighting :
Lobby use cool white:5500-6500K, room use warm white:2800-3200K LED lights

LED warehouse lighting :
Warehouse Lighting usually consider to nature white (day white) 4000-5000K, or cool white 5500-6500K LED lights.

Industrial Plant LED lighting :
Use nature white or cool white LED high bay lights.

Shipping mall LED lighting :
Use the cool white with CCT:6000-6500K.

The term used in general illumination is correlated color temperature (CCT). CCT relates to the color of light produced by a light source, and uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale (SI unit of absolute temperature). It describes the relative color appearance of a white light source, indicating whether it appears more yellow/gold ("warm") or more blue ("cool"), in terms of the range of available shades of white.

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